"I cannot rest, I must draw, however poor the result, and when I have a bad time come over me, it is a stronger desire than ever." ~ Helen Beatrix Potter 1866-1943



December 05, 2011

Long Time Gone!

                             Oh, where has the time gone? 
The last time I looked, it was summer and now the weatherman says there may be snow in Seattle's forecast! It's hard to believe that the New Year is right around the corner again!
                                (Didn't we just pay taxes?)

I've been working on a new sketch from a picture that I spotted on facebook. It just jumped out at me and I said I have to draw it!! It's from a Faerie gathering that was held in England. This is piece that is a bit out of my element but I'm having a lot of fun with it. I picked a busy time to get started on it, but I'll try to get the finished portrait posted here very soon. I suppose the gentlemen pixie who is my subject, is quite anxious to see it's completion also!

                     ♪♪ Traaa La La La, Fiddle Dee Deeee. ♫

It is a large full length portrait so I have a long way to go.
It might not look exact right now but I think it'll still be charming!
                          (Quarter placed for size perspective.)

                                               Until the next time,
 I hope you are enjoying the magic of the Christmas season! ♥

March 22, 2011

Hey Girls, I'm Back!

Do you remember me? It's been a long while since I've updated my blog. I put it away like I did my art supplies and got busy with other things..or lazy with nothing! Recently while visiting my parents in Spokane, they found something that I had created long ago and then forgot about! It's a beach stone that I ink-sketched on...

I could tell that it's an old rock, because I don't even sign my name like that anymore! It made me sad that I stepped away from my art.

I love mermaids but my real love is drawing animals. Precious baby animals. ...especially bunnies!
(A cut-out of my bunny sketch below)

Once it warms up a little more, I hope to get out and sketch the rabbits. Now that it's spring, they have finally come out of their little bunny hollows and are hopping all over the place here.

Seed catalogs and gardening will "draw" me away from my art but there is still time for that. 

Until next time...

November 23, 2010

Siamese Aromatherapy

      Is there anything more peaceful than cats and lavender?

                                                  ..not today.


September 14, 2010

Time with Tasha

In my kitchen is a little kitchen garden book. Besides my Grandmothers book, it's my favorite book, given to me by my Grandmother.

I've been away this summer, planting gardens, visiting family and reading about Tasha Tudor- author and illustrator of my little kitchen Garden book
Tasha lived as I long to live- In the country with her animals and her love of gardening and drawing. Below are pictures from the Private world of Tasha Tudor. Enjoy!


July 01, 2010

My Happy Little Herb Garden

Welcome to my little kitchen herb garden!

My gardens give me great pleasure. My closest garden- a little kitchen herb garden, is located off the back of the house and attached to an ugly metal building which holds an old 
canning kitchen, workshop and two garages.

In my garden, I have a little bit of everything that I love~
A variety of Basil, Thyme, Oregano, Sage, Rosemary...

Oh, and there are two blueberry starts thrown in there too...
Essential for memory. I need that!! (:

That picket fence was a fantastic find at our county wood pile. One day I'll get around to touching it up. In the meantime, it fits beautifully behind my happy little herb garden.
I think the weeds are calling for me!
Until next time...